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atom-to-Device Explicit simulation
Environment for Photonics and
Electronics Nanostructures


The major objective of DEEPEN is to develop an integrated multiscale simulation capability for predictive design of novel materials and nanostructures, targeted at two of the most important present device challenges, namely future CMOS and future energy-efficient light sources.

The nanoscale electronic and photonic devices to be studied require models that go beyond approaches strictly related to material science, with many model requirements common to both types of devices. To this end, first principles calculations will be undertaken to establish accurate parameters for empirical methods. With transport key to electrically driven devices, DEEPEN will develop sliding scale coupling between transport models from first-principles through to drift-diffusion, with rigorous investigations of the coupling between scales. These sliding scale transport models will be equally relevant to the design both of electronic and of photonic devices.


Modelling energy efficiency for the next generation of microchips

As the internet’s carbon footprint grows, scientists have developed multiscale energy-use simulations to help design more efficient components.


Tin-based alloys offer platform for energy-efficient electronic devices

Prof Eoin O’Reilly and his Tyndall colleagues aim to create energy-efficient devices for future internet platforms from metastable alloys


DEEPEN launches Open Source Simulation Environment

The OS environment for intergrated multiscale simulation capability for predictive design of novel materials and nanostructures is now released.


EU DEEPEN Project Accelerates Sustainability of Computing Devices

Leading experts in Semiconductors, Electronics, Photonics and Modelling Convene in Cork for EU wide events on meeting our computing and related needs in the future.


CECAM-Ireland: Dublin Conference Aims to Unlock Potential of Millions of Pieces of Materials Data

CECAM Ireland Multiscale Simulation from Materials through to Industrial UWorkshop and Plugfest brings multi-scale modelling experts together to share resources for developing materials of the future.


DEEPEN partners announce three day CECAM Workshop 'Multiscale Simulation: from Materials through to Industrial Usage'.

The international workshop will take place in Dublin, Ireland from 5 to 7 September 2016.


Mathieu Luisier of ETH Zurich presented an Invited Talk at IMEC Workshop

DEEPEN partner Mathieu Luisier of ETH Zurich contributed to the international Beyond CMOS Workshop in October 2015.


Stefan Schulz to present Invited Talk at NUSOD 2015

Stefan Schulz will represent DEEPEN at the upcoming NUSOD 15th International Conference